Friday, February 7, 2014

Design No. 316, New Custom iPhone Cases Added and More on iCandy58Designs

I am just FULL of surprises and I have to laugh about it, because today's post is a complete 360 degree switch up from what I originally planned. You will see that post at some point in the future, but for today I'm bringing you up to speed on what's new at my Zazzle store.

New Zazzle product design No. 316

If you've been following this blog, you know I recently posted my 300th custom product design on my store. Today, I've just posted this abstract custom iPhone 4 case, design No. 316, for sale on my store!

Surface of the Sun iPhone 4/4s Case

Surface of the Sun iPhone 4/4s Case ($43.95) by iCandy58Designs
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This cool Surface of the Sun iPhone 4 case design for the Apple iPhone 4 & 4s is printed on a lightweight, impact resistant hard plastic Barely There case from Case-Mate. Fyi, this is a universal iPhone 4 case, which means it's designed to fit the AT & T, Sprint and Verizon phones. The design is inspired by an original digital work of art, "Surface of the Sun", that I created on my iPhone from a photo of my vintage gold watch. It was through the magic of photo editing (on my iPhone and my desktop computer) that I was able to create the abstract image you see here. This case design is also available on Case-Mate cases for the iPhone 5 and the new 5c & 5s phones.
As with all of my custom phone case designs, you can customize and/or personalize this Surface of the Sun iPhone 4/4s case with your own artwork, photo or custom message to create a one-of-a-kind iPhone 4 case.

Speaking of custom iPhone case designs ...

My custom iPhone cases category now has 107 case designs posted for sale! iCandy58Designs has custom phone cases for the iPhone 5 and the new 5c & 5s models like this cool watch face iPhone 5 case ...

Alarmed Clock Abstract iPhone 5/5s Case

Alarmed Clock Abstract iPhone 5/5s Case ($50.95) by iCandy58Designs
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BUT I haven't forgotten about iPhone 3g/3gs or iPhone 4/4s owners! In fact, I've been adding new case designs for the iPhone 3g and 3gs. Why? Some people, like me, have older Apple iPhones (we're beyond that I gotta have that new one now mentality) that are in excellent condition and they work great. So why shouldn't they be able to buy good looking custom phone cases like the one below?

Click this link ~ Custom iPhone Cases ~ to see all of the phone case designs available for sale in my store.

I'm carefully adding new products (in all categories) to my underrepresented designs and to a few new product categories I'm working on. I'm also rewriting product descriptions and updating the tags for existing designs to make them more helpful to buyers. It's a lot of work, but I'm doing it to make it easier for shoppers to discover the products they're searching for on iCandy58Designs.