Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Funny Cute Custom Valentine's Day Greeting Cards That Will Make Your Valentine Smile

Updated, 2/4/2014:

The Big Day of Love (a/k/a Valentine's Day) is only 11 days away, so in today's post I'm going to showcase 5 cute custom Valentine's Day cards you can personalize for that "special someone" in your life.

Have you found the Valentine's Day card for your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend that's cute or playful and has a message that sounds like something you would say? If you haven't found it yet, stay on this page for just a few minutes more to finish checking out this post. Why? In this short post I'm featuring 5 funny cute Valentine's Day greeting cards from Zazzle that you can easily customize and/or personalize to create a one-of-a-kind card that expresses exactly what you want it to say. When you see a card design you like, just click on the link below the image to go to the product detail page and place your order.

One great thing about buying from POD (print on demand) companies like Zazzle: you can purchase the product design as you see it on the storefront, or you can add your own artwork or photo to it, add your own message and create something uniquely personal that you and your loved one will be happy with.

So let's take a look at these 5 cards you can customize and/or personalize:

Funny I Mustache You Valentine's Day Card  ($3.15)

All this colorful, funny I Mustache You Valentine's Day card from TheBestsellers store needs is your custom message. It's also available with a white front with black mustache and it can easily be completely customized on the front, inside and back. Priced at $3.15 per card.

Valentine Chalkboard Coupon Card ($3.20)

This custom Valentine Chalkboard Coupon greeting card from Creative Design Studio is a great idea for anyone who wants to give that special someone a coupon or a series of coupons that can be redeemed for a number of creative/imaginative gifts. For example, married couples with young children at home can give each other 'Date Night' or 'Mom's Liberation Night' (works for Dad's too!) coupons through out the year. Priced at $3.20 per card.

Funny Retro Do You Like Me? Card ($2.75)
This funny Do You Like Me? greeting card from the Ren lmasa store is a very simple retro design that is a real blast straight from your school days past! I think almost any boyfriend or girlfriend would get a kick out of receiving this Valentine's Day card :) Priced at $2.75 per card.

Don't Go BACON My Heart Greeting Card ($3.20)

This cute funny Don't Go BACON My Heart Valentine's Day card from Melissa Ek is just the card you need to give to that special bacon lover in your life. $3.20 per card.

Simple True Love Valentine's Day Photo Card  ($3.30)

This simple True Love photo Valentine's Day greeting card from 39 Designs is just waiting for you to add that great photo on Google Drive or Instagram of the two of you and your own message to it. IMO this is a perfect card for someone who is engaged or newlywed. Priced at $3.30 per card.

I chose these Valentine's card designs, because I thought they were cute, funny or they just sparked my imagination. If these cards aren't exactly what you were looking for, Zazzle has a thousand more card designs that are cute, intimate, romantic & sensual for you to choose from. Just click on this Valentine's Day Greeting Cards link to see them now.

So what do you think about these custom Valentine's Day greeting cards? Which one of the 5 really caught your eye? Did you buy it? I would love to read what you have to say about them in the comments section below.