Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Funny Custom Christmas T-Shirt Makes a Great Gift Idea For Fans Of 'Hump Day!' Camel

Today's post is a short one, because I have the very important job of taste-testing the delicious food my wife is preparing (she is an excellent cook) for our Thanksgiving dinner and I'm having a hard time focusing on anything else :) 

Are you a fan of those hilarious commercials featuring the 'Hump Day is here!' camel? I was checking out some random product designs on Zazzle earlier today when I came across this funny custom Hump Day Camel Santa Christmas t-shirt from the LaughingShirt store. It's the perfect Christmas gift idea and guaranteed to be a BIG hit with anyone who is a fan of the 'Hump Day!' slogans simply because this year Christmas falls on a ... you guessed it, Hump Day Wednesday!

Uh oh, guess what day Christmas Day is ... Hump Day!

Besides the great design, this custom Hump Day Camel t-shirt is made from pre-shrunk, heavyweight 100% cotton and is available on a number of apparel/shirt styles and colors.

I have to get back to my taste-testing duties, but please go check out LaughingShirt's Hump Day Camel Santa Christmas t-shirt ====> just click here to go to the product design page on If you buy this t-shirt design, please remember to 'Like' the product and leave a positive comment for LaughingShirt.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time you have with your family and take some time to reflect on the people & things you are thankful for. See you back here in a few days :)

Btw, LaughingShirt has many hilarious product designs; here's the link to their Zazzle store - >

Sunday, November 24, 2013

8 Cool iPhone Case Designs (Plus 4 More) for Your New Apple iPhone 5/5s

Updated, 1/3/2014:

When I originally published this post, it was hard to limit myself to just 8 great looking custom iPhone 5/5s case designs. So if you've recently scored a new iPhone and/or you want to see more cases, I've added 4 more cool designs for you to choose from to make it an even Zazzler's dozen.

Are you searching for cool phone cases for your iPhone 5 or 5s? If you just bought a new iPhone or are getting a new one soon (as a Christmas gift?), you don't want one of those run-of-the-mill ones you see at the local mall or on Amazon; no, you want one that's different, unique like you.

So to help you, here are 12 (twelve) cool iPhone 5 case designs that you can buy on Zazzle now. Two are from my iCandy58Designs store and the remaining 10 designs are from a few very talented, creative storekeepers whose design work I really admire: BluedarkArt the Chameleon, God's Blossom and Northwestphotos. As an artist I really admire them, so it was a no brainer to feature some of their eye candy product creations in this post. I've included one design from Cutestbabyanimals, because Getty Images has some great designs featuring cute baby animals.

All of the case designs showcased in this article can be customized and/or personalized to create a unique, one-of-a-kind iPhone 5/5s case for you. All you have to do is click on the blue 'Customize it!' button on the product detail page to get started.

Here are the 12 cool iPhone 5 case designs:

1. White Orange Tulips Purple Grass iPhone Case 

This vibrant case design, printed on a Case-Mate 'Vibe' case, is one of my first smart phone cases posted on iCandy58Designs. The image is an original mobile photograph of mine that I morphed into a digital work of art through the magic of photo editing. Priced at $49.95.

2. Blue Hydrangea Blossoms iPhone Case Cover 

This beautiful photo based design from Northwestphotos is printed on a Case-Mate 'Barely There' case. The inspiration for this custom case is a close up of blue Hydrangea blossoms. Priced at $42.95.

3. Psychedelic Skull Art Design iPhone 5 Case

This Psychedelic Skull case design by BluedarkArt the Chameleon is printed on a Case-Mate 'Barely There' case. The detail and colors displayed against the black background in Blue's artwork makes this one very cool iPhone case for lovers of graphic artwork. Priced at $42.95.

4. Stars and Stripes Girl's Portrait iPhone Case

This Stars and Stripes Girl's Portrait custom case design, printed on a Case-Mate 'Barely There' case, is another excellent example of BluedarkArt the Chameleon's creative talent. Priced at $42.95.

5. Vintage Brillant Camera iPhone 5 Case

God's Blossom has some amazing product designs and this cool iPhone 5 case, printed on a Case Savvy glossy finish plastic case, is just another example of what you will find in her Zazzle store. Priced at $37.95.


6. Vintage Payphone iPhone Case

This funky, retro payphone iPhone 5 case, printed on a Case Savvy hard shell plastic case with a glossy finish, is another cool vintage design from God's Blossom on Zazzle. Priced at $37.95.

7. Blue Peacock Case for iPhone 5

This Blue Peacock smart phone case from Northwestphotos, printed on a Graft Concepts 'Leverage' case, is simply stunning. It makes the perfect gift for any bird lover and it can be customized with 1 of 6 different colored frames. Priced at $48.95.

8. Girly Pink Flower Art iPhone 5 Case

This custom case design, printed on a Case-Mate 'Vibe' case, is another one of my floral art designs inspired by one of my iPhone photos that I turned into an original (but as of yet unnamed) digital work of art through the magic of photo editing on my iPhone 4. Priced at $50.95.

9. Psychedelic Rainbow Snake iPhone 5 Case

This eye-catching custom iPhone 5 case design, printed on a Case-Mate 'Barely There' case, from BluedarkArt the Chameleon was designed for the Chinese Year of the Snake zodiac symbol. Against a black background, the colorful snake appears to have a 3-D effect. Priced at $42.95.

10. Howling Wolf on Carved Wood iPhone 5 Case

This beautiful rustic looking case design from the God's Blossom store, is printed on a Case-Mate 'Vibe' case. The design depicts a carved wooden image of a wolf howling at the moon. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves animals, wolves or nature. Priced at $47.95.

11. Razzle Dazzle Dahlia iPhone Case

This custom case design from Northwestphotos, printed on a Case-Mate 'Vibe' case, captures the dazzling beauty of a Dahlia bloom in rub red, pink and white. Priced at $47.95.

12. Kitten in a Red Drawer iPhone 5/5s Case Cover

I've included this vibrant case design for the cat lovers in the house. Printed on a Case-Mate 'Barely There' case, it features the image of this cute little kitty cat in a red tool box drawer. Priced at $42.95.

Do me a favor please, when you click through to the product page of these designs to buy one or more of them, it would really be great if you 'Like' the design and leave a positive comment about the case(s) you purchased.

So what do you think about the iPhone case designs featured in this post? I enjoyed sharing them with you and I hope they fit your definition of what a cool iPhone 5 case looks like. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Inspiration Behind My Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink Product Designs

Do you ever wonder what inspires a Zazzle storekeeper to create a specific design?

I know our product descriptions are supposed to tell potential customers what's special about the designs we create, but many times the blurb leaves out the story behind the image! I'm guilty of doing this a time or two, so in today's post I'm going to share with you the story behind the image in this post, Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink, which I'm currently using on 4 products on my iCandy58Designs store.


I shot Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink three years ago at Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan in NYC while my family and I were visiting the city during the Christmas holiday season. I hadn't been back to NY since the Spring of 2010 and I thought it would be fun to shoot a few pictures of  the Rink that capture the buzz of people ice skating and shopping for Christmas gifts. Vintage Ice Skating is 1 of the 5 photos I took on the same day using my Blackberry Torch.

Around the time I opened my Zazzle store, I started running this picture through a couple of my favorite photo editing apps on my iPhone 4. But it was through using Paint.NET to do some additional post-processing that I was able to achieve the look and texture you see.

Before I forget, you can see this Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink image on this case design for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, the new 5c and the new 5s. It's also available for the new iPad Air. I'm really pleased with the image and the designs. What do you think?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Was Just About to Post About One Of My New Zazzle Product Designs ...

With winter and Christmastime right around the corner, I was getting ready to publish a post about my new Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink product designs that fit those themes to a 'T'. But a funny thing happened when I logged into Zazzle to grab the URL of my favorite product in that series.

What happened? I came across this unique Vintage Travel Postcards Sleeve For MacBooks design that I wanted to blog about. Don't get me wrong, I think I have some beautiful products available for sale on my store, but I wanted to showcase another designer's work instead.

This vintage travel themed design is an attractive, eye catching Rickshaw 15" laptop sleeve with a cool, retro look that makes it a great gift idea for any 15" MacBook Pro owner who travels/wants to travel, loves the vintage European travel postcard look or simply wants to buy a custom sleeve that really stands out.

This design by kicksdesign is just the type of fantastic eye candy product creations from other Zazzle storekeepers that I want to blog about here. I can publish posts about the designs in my iCandy58Designs store, like Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink, any time I want to BUT that would get old -n-boring pretty quickly for you. It wouldn't be much fun for me either, because I really do enjoy seeing the diverse display of great designs available for sale on Zazzle.

What do you think about this Vintage Travel Postcards design? Do you promote other storekeepers designs on your blog or across the social network platforms you belong to? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Vintage Pink Flowers Art Custom iPhone Case Design for the iPhone 5/5s

Updated, 12/30/2013

My vintage pink flowers art design for the iPhone 5 or 5s makes the perfect custom iPhone 5 case gift for anyone who loves floral art designs. It has a very special place in my heart, because it represents a lot of firsts for me! The image that inspired the design was one of my first attempts at turning my iPhone photography into digital painting; it's one of my first iPhone case designs on Zazzle; and it's the first product design I've sold on my iCandy58Designs store.

This case design can be customized and/or personalized to your liking

As I mentioned earlier, the inspiration for this vintage pink flowers iPhone 5/5s case is a photo of some pink flowers that were growing in a green bush near my home. I don't know what type of flowers they are, but they caught my photographer's eye. By running the photo through one of my favorite iPhone photo editing apps I was able to give the image that vintage look. Not being one to leave "good enough" alone, I ran it through a few art filters in Paint.NET to achieve that painted and sketched outline look.

This phone case design is available for the Apple 3G/3Gs, 4/4s, 5/5s and the new 5c iPhones. It's also available for the Samsung Galaxy s4 and a few other designs. You can see all of the vintage pink flowers design gifts anytime you want on this page: I will be adding this design to more custom products in the near future. Are there any other device cases or products you would love to see this design on in my store? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Welcome to iCandy58Designs, the Blog!

Updated, 11/9/2013:

In the excitement of publishing my first post on this blog, I left out a few things that I wanted to share with you right out of the gate. So, I've updated this post to discuss the types of designs you will find on my store and how the store name iCandy58Designs came about.  

Welcome, I've set up this blog to showcase the product designs I've created for my iCandy58Designs store on

What will you find here? I plan to write posts about my favorite custom designs for iPhone cases, wrist watches, Galaxy phone cases, iPad cases and Rickshaw laptop sleeves among others. I also plan to blog about the fantastic eye candy product creations from other Zazzle storekeepers and post some of my photo images that serve as inspirations for my product designs.

My Zazzle product designs are photography based images that I've captured and edited using my trusty iPhone 4, which I always have with me. With the updated camera app in iOS 7, my eye can catch some beautiful pictures at almost any moment. Through the magic of post-photo processing using 4 - 5 photo editing apps, Pixlr and Paint.NET, I've been blessed to morph some of my images into digital works of art (which is really cool for an old pencil, watercolor & oil paint artist like me).

Most of the subjects for my designs come from nature, but lately I've been adding in more abstract shapes and a few architectural images.

How did the store name iCandy58Designs come about? I wanted to come up with a brand/store name that would play off of my desire to use my iPhone 4 to take pictures that catch my eye and my love of eye catching images. I liked 'iCandy', because it seemed perfect for what I had in mind. 58 represented the number of images I initially planned to use for the products in my store. Add in 'Designs' and the name has a catchy, memorable ring to it.        

Okay that's all for now. I truly hope you will come back & visit, leave a comment or two, subscribe to this blog, visit my store at* and let me know if any of my designs strike your fancy. :)