Friday, November 8, 2013

Welcome to iCandy58Designs, the Blog!

Updated, 11/9/2013:

In the excitement of publishing my first post on this blog, I left out a few things that I wanted to share with you right out of the gate. So, I've updated this post to discuss the types of designs you will find on my store and how the store name iCandy58Designs came about.  

Welcome, I've set up this blog to showcase the product designs I've created for my iCandy58Designs store on

What will you find here? I plan to write posts about my favorite custom designs for iPhone cases, wrist watches, Galaxy phone cases, iPad cases and Rickshaw laptop sleeves among others. I also plan to blog about the fantastic eye candy product creations from other Zazzle storekeepers and post some of my photo images that serve as inspirations for my product designs.

My Zazzle product designs are photography based images that I've captured and edited using my trusty iPhone 4, which I always have with me. With the updated camera app in iOS 7, my eye can catch some beautiful pictures at almost any moment. Through the magic of post-photo processing using 4 - 5 photo editing apps, Pixlr and Paint.NET, I've been blessed to morph some of my images into digital works of art (which is really cool for an old pencil, watercolor & oil paint artist like me).

Most of the subjects for my designs come from nature, but lately I've been adding in more abstract shapes and a few architectural images.

How did the store name iCandy58Designs come about? I wanted to come up with a brand/store name that would play off of my desire to use my iPhone 4 to take pictures that catch my eye and my love of eye catching images. I liked 'iCandy', because it seemed perfect for what I had in mind. 58 represented the number of images I initially planned to use for the products in my store. Add in 'Designs' and the name has a catchy, memorable ring to it.        

Okay that's all for now. I truly hope you will come back & visit, leave a comment or two, subscribe to this blog, visit my store at* and let me know if any of my designs strike your fancy. :)