Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Was Just About to Post About One Of My New Zazzle Product Designs ...

With winter and Christmastime right around the corner, I was getting ready to publish a post about my new Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink product designs that fit those themes to a 'T'. But a funny thing happened when I logged into Zazzle to grab the URL of my favorite product in that series.

What happened? I came across this unique Vintage Travel Postcards Sleeve For MacBooks design that I wanted to blog about. Don't get me wrong, I think I have some beautiful products available for sale on my store, but I wanted to showcase another designer's work instead.

This vintage travel themed design is an attractive, eye catching Rickshaw 15" laptop sleeve with a cool, retro look that makes it a great gift idea for any 15" MacBook Pro owner who travels/wants to travel, loves the vintage European travel postcard look or simply wants to buy a custom sleeve that really stands out.

This design by kicksdesign is just the type of fantastic eye candy product creations from other Zazzle storekeepers that I want to blog about here. I can publish posts about the designs in my iCandy58Designs store, like Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink, any time I want to BUT that would get old -n-boring pretty quickly for you. It wouldn't be much fun for me either, because I really do enjoy seeing the diverse display of great designs available for sale on Zazzle.

What do you think about this Vintage Travel Postcards design? Do you promote other storekeepers designs on your blog or across the social network platforms you belong to? Let me know what you think in the comments below.