Tuesday, January 21, 2014

8 Custom Wrist Watch Designs for the Fashionable Abstract Art Lover

Updated, 1/23/2014:

I'm pretty psyched about today's post, because I'm going to showcase 8 of my custom wrist watches from iCandy58Designs that make great gifts for anyone who loves abstract art designs.

I've had a thing for watches ever since I was 8 yrs. old and I have a lot of fun creating these custom fashion wrist watches that you can personalize. I don't have a lot of them posted for sale in my store; I just posted my 23rd 24th design today, but I really love the designs I have posted there. Most of my designs feature cool, fun, funky digital abstract art themes that are perfect for the types of watches Zazzle offers for sale. So without further delay, here are my 8 custom wrist watch designs:

Funky Hot Yellow Metal Ball Fashion Wrist Watch ($50.95)

I think the yellow May 28th watch bands and red keeper are a perfect match for my funky hot yellow metal ball design, but you might like the red bands and yellow keeper better!

Diamond Lights White Custom Rhinestone Wrist Watch ($55.95)

This white rhinestone wrist watch was made for this Diamond Lights design of mine! Diamond Lights is also available in a white May 28th wrist watch, priced at $50.95 ~ click here to see it now.

Blue Blurred Motion Custom Wrist Watch ($50.95)

I'm very careful about which products I add this Blue Blurred Motion design to and I'm glad I chose this clear May 28th style to work with, but I also think the white bands with a grey keep would also be a great choice for it. What do you think?
Blue Eye of Storm White Custom Wrist Watch ($50.95)

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to use this Blue Eye of Storm to create this custom white wrist watch design. Would you buy it as it is or would you customize and/or personalize it with different color bands, keepers, etc.?

Cute Custom Flower Burst Wrist Watch ($50.95)

This custom wrist watch design is actually a photo of a singe red rose. It was through the magic of photo editing that I produced the abstract flower burst that you see here.

Nothing But Time Custom Stainless Steel Wrist Watch ($95.95)

I think Nothing But Time is perfect for this stainless steel wrist watch, but it's also available as a grey custom May28th wrist watch.

Quad Vortex Abstract White Custom Wrist Watch ($50.95)
Quad vortex abstract has black, grey and silver blue in it, so I thought the white May28th bands with a black matte keeper would look best. But now I'm wondering if I should change it to clear.

Blue Blurred Motion Custom Rhinestone Wrist Watch ($55.95)

Do you think Blue Blurred Motion in white rhinestone would look as good as it does in black rhinestone?

You can keep up with all of the custom wrist watches that I design for my Zazzle store anytime you want by clicking on this link.

Most of my wrist watches are May 28th watch designs. It didn't start out that way, it just sort of developed over time mainly, because of all the very colorful bands and keepers I get to work with. What you can do with them reminds me of Swatch watches that were very popular way back when :). You can further customize and/or personalize each watch in my store by changing the type of band, the color of the band/or the keeper. Or you can personalize them with your own artwork, photos or custom text. All you have to do is click on the blue 'Customize it!' button to get started.

So what do you think of my custom wrist watch designs? Would you buy them as is or would you switch the bands + the keeper and/or add your own artwork or photograph?