Friday, December 27, 2013

3 More Rockefeller Center Images Inspiring My Custom Zazzle Product Designs

Are you a fan of the world famous Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan? You should enjoy today's post if you are, because I'm showcasing 3 more images I'm using on Rockefeller Center themed product designs on my iCandy58Designs store on Zazzle.

The week before Thanksgiving I blogged about my Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink designs. I always intended to do a follow up post on the other 3 Rockefeller Center images I'm using to create custom product designs for my store, but for one reason or another I never got around to it :)

I took these photos with my Blackberry Torch at the same time I took Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink and edited them on my iPhone 4.

Black & White Vintage Skating at the Rink

This Black & White Vintage Skating at the Rink is very similar to Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink, but they are two (2) different photographs. I think Black & White focuses more on the skaters, while Vintage captures the entire buzz of people at Rockefeller Center - the skaters, the onlookers and shoppers. What do you think? I've posted Vintage Skating below so you can compare the two images.

Vintage Ice Skating at the Rink

I currently have only seven (7) Black & White Vintage Skating designs on my Zazzle store that can be customized and/or personalized. I think it's a beautiful winter design, so I will be adding it to a few more Zazzle products very shortly :) You can see the entire collection anytime by clicking this link.

Vintage Rock Center Christmas Tree

This Vintage Rock Center Christmas Tree photograph is probably my most favorite capture of the day. The Tree is so iconic and such a BIG deal, there was no way I was going to let that photo opp pass me by! It's funny, for eight (8) years I avoided Rockefeller Center like the plague when the Lighting of The Tree ceremony was taking place ... I would do my best to leave my office (which was less than 5 minutes away from there) afterward, because it was a real nightmare trying to get to Grand Central Terminal with all the people in midtown wanting to see the Tree.

As far as designs go, with only two (2) Vintage Rock Center Christmas Tree custom designs on my store, it's very much underrepresented. I don't believe in slapping my images on every product that I can, but I'm going to have to fix that fast. Click on this link => Rock Center Christmas Tree anytime to see the products this design is available for, and if there's a Zazzle product you would like to see it on, email me via the Contact the Seller link on my store .. just go to

Vintage Rockefeller Center

As much as I love the Rockefeller Center Christmas holiday theme, I wanted to capture the real grit of midtown Manhattan and I think this Vintage Rockefeller Center image, with a little photo editing magic, accomplishes it very nicely. Every day I worked in midtown during those 8 years, I looked at tall office buildings like these, but I never saw them until I left New York and returned as a visitor (I prefer 'visitor' over 'tourist' 7 days a week). Isn't that something?

Right now I'm using this Vintage Rockefeller Center design on six (6) Zazzle products and I will be adding more to my store. Click Here to see the entire collection anytime you want.

I hope you enjoyed looking at more of the images that serve as inspiration for my product designs. Sometimes artwork and photographs can't be properly viewed on a product created for sale, so I thought it would be cool to share them here on my blog. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Can you believe it ... we will be in a brand new year, 2014, in 4 days?